Where The Money Goes

Unlike other clothing brands or organizations we disclose what all funds will be used for and how it will further a common cause.

  • Sponsorship – here at The Right Brand we believe heavily in athleticism for today’s youth as a way to fight against the left’s onslaught of degeneracy and drug culture they promote. We need a youth that is strong in their mental and physical capacities to lead the way. Our plan is to sponsor athletes with gear, clothing and those who look promising will have their membership dues to their local gym paid. This is aimed at those participating in boxing, MMA, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, muay thai, body building and other physical sports.
  • Political Activism – for the few groups that promote healthy ideals and values we will reach out and help them in our shared goals. This does not include those that engage in just shock action or extremism.
  • Legal Matters – from time to time patriots get singled out for noble actions by fake news or legal persecution. We will make sure those patriots are not alone and undefended; their actions will be appreciated.
  • To Expand – to further the message of nationalist ideals and healthy values.

So when you buy a shirt you’re not buying just a piece of fabric but supporting the fight for our freedoms, our identities and a new way forward!

Ethical Supply Chain Management

At The Right Brand Clothing, we take extra care in ensuring that the materials that go into making our world-class apparel and accessories are procured ethically. We also make certain that we have eliminated unpaid labor within any portion of our supply chain.

When we purchase products from Europe we are supporting families and communities that believe in traditional values. Through American fiscal support we’re furthering our mutual shared ideals.

To us, ethically sourcing materials and services also includes not giving any money to our shared enemies or those who do not align with /ourvalues/. We go to great lengths to ensure that every supplier to The Right Brand Clothing has also made these same commitments.