Updated: 3 March 2018

Terms of Use

The Right Brand Clothing provides services to you subject to certain conditions. By visiting or shopping at The Right Brand Clothing you accept the following conditions:

ALL User Submitted Information is Kept Private

The Right Brand Clothing takes customer privacy and anonymity very seriously. We take steps to ensure that your order information does not leave our system. We do not sell, trade, give, or otherwise divulge any customer information at any time and for any reason. You are free to browse our website without ever giving any personal information.

Mailing List

We utilize a mailing list simply to notify subscribers of product launches, sales, or other similar promotional offers. Our mailing list is a Double Opt-In mailing list. This means that simply entering your email address in a field on the website does not add your email address to our list, you need to also confirm your subscription by clicking confirm after getting an email from us. This prevents unwitting people from being added to our email list.

We encourage all users to use an email address without any personally identifiable information. All email addresses are stored by themselves without any other customer data.

Protecting Your Data

Our website has SSL active on every page and uses 256-bit encryption for every form field that’s submitted.