4 Signs That Your Batik Clothing In Singapore Is Fake

Batik is Indonesia’s traditional method of wax-resist cloth dyeing. Batik is a prized and treasured garment globally. They can be really expensive as well. Thankfully, you can find genuine Batik clothing in Singapore.

There are tons of people who take advantage of the world’s love of Batik. They produce fake Batik at a lower price or the same price as genuine Batik!

Here’s how to ensure your Batik shirt in Singapore is genuine:

1. A fake Batik has no prints on the other side.

The easiest way to determine whether your Batik shirt in Singapore is authentic is by turning them inside out.

Batik makers create this garment by hand using a tool called, canting, a pen-like tool that contains hot wax. The hot wax penetrates the cloth, ensuring that both sides of the garment have been printed.

Fake Batik garments have prints on one side alone. If not, the pattern on the other side does not match with the other.

2. A fake Batik has dull colours.

Batik is well known for its vibrant and solid colours since it is dyed using wax. Although Batik prints fade over the years, it is a major red flag if the new ‘Batik’ you are planning to buy is translucent or opaque and not a solid colour. This Batik is highly likely a machine-printed one.

3. A fake Batik is perfect.

A fake Batik is perfect. Some people think that perfection means high quality. And high-quality can be equated to authenticity. But that is not the case with Batik.

As mentioned, an authentic Batik is handmade. Batik garments are the product of the talent, skills, and years of experience of an artisan. All handmade Batik, especially the intricately designed ones, will always have imperfections.

On the other hand, a fake Batik is perfect, primarily because computers and machines ensure accuracy and precision. If your ‘Batik” is too perfect, it may be a knockoff, and you might as well make it into cotton pyjamas in Singapore.

4. A fake Batik is cheap.

Batik garments are expensive because the making process of Batik is long and rigorous. Furthermore, the price reflects the talent and skill of the artisans who make the Batik. Lastly, the more intricate the design, the more expensive the Batik will be. If your Batik is cheap, your Batik may be a knockoff.

Do your Batik clothes show these signs? Check your Batik now.

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