Everything You Must Know Before Buying A Rolex Explorer

Everything You Must Know Before Buying A Rolex Explorer

Buying a Rolex watch is an emotion, especially for first-time buyers. You are saving your money for years to buy your dream Rolex watch. Wait, are you confused about which model will be best for you?

Rolex watches have various models; Rolex Explorer is one of the most popular models among youth.  It is one of the siblings of other sports watches like Submariner and Daytona. Let’s learn about the history of Explorer.

Inception Of Explorer

The journey started with an aim to upgrade Oyster’s perpetual. Rolex arranged performance testing in the Himalayas’ extreme temperature. Explorer got its name from the two famous explorers of the Himalayas- Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norway as they used this watch during their first summit of Everest in 1953.

Essential Features of the Rolex Explorer


While Rolex’s Explorer has remained unchanged, it has undergone numerous minor updates and upgrades. The dial’s distinguishing features are black Arabic numerals, a triangle inverted at 12, and swords for the remaining hours. The dial concept, however, has seen several iterations of implementation.

Striking shiny dials, found on early models of the Explorer, had black backgrounds, golden text, and painted-on light elements. Some of them even had a honeycomb design. Explorer ref. 1016 had a matte black dial with white printed text and retained lume plots painted directly into the dial. The latest Explorer dials with glossy black ground, white lettering, and white gold fluorescent hour markers with the release of reference 14270.

Watch Sizing

The first Explorers’ iconic black dials distinguished them with 3/6/9 numbers and their 36mm Oyster cases. For the following five decades and change, Rolex stuck with those measurements until the debut of the Explorer in 2010. As a result, the case size of Rolex Explorers is now 39mm, whereas the case size of discontinued and vintage Explorer references is 36mm.


The Explorer is one of Rolex’s more reasonably priced sports watches. The current price of Explorer ref. 214270  is $6,550, slightly higher than the $6,450 Air-King and significantly lower than the $8,100 retail cost of the stainless steel no-date Submariner.


The Rolex Explorer is the top sports watch. It displays the time clearly and accurately. It has all the qualities of a Rolex watch. It’s got everything you require and nothing extra. So, why are you stalling? Go and grab your Explorer now.

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