How Should You Choose Your Commercial Toilet Papers For Your Facilities? 

To ensure that your employees and your guests are comfortable in your commercial facility, it is of utmost importance that your washrooms are fully-functional, well-maintained, and have all the required washroom products such as hand wash, paper napkins, toilet papers etc. As plenty of brands have come up with different kinds of organic and non-organic washroom products, it will require you to pay some attention before you pick up one for your facility. 

A few common factors to consider while choosing these toilet papers are cost-effectiveness, designs, durability, maintenance requirements, of course, the level of satisfaction they can offer the user. The better products you use, the better impression you are going to create on your guests. Thus, the choice of commercial toilet paper and other washroom accessories has to be perfect. 

A lot of people think that choosing the right commercial toilet paper is not so complicated. Nevertheless, there are plenty of details to consider when it comes to the keeping the hygiene in your office. We will walk you through the factors that you need to consider while choosing your
Cottonelle commercial toilet paper

The Capacity of the toilet paper

A primary factor that you must consider while choosing toilet papers, toilet paper dispensers, tissue paper rolls, and so on is the capacity of the item. You must identify the requirements of your facility first and if the same can be used in a high traffic department store bathroom or a washroom located on a small commercial facility. 

While you are looking for Cottonelle commercial toilet paper, you must keep in mind that if the dispensers do not hold enough paper rolls, you might face a shortage by mid-day only. This will require you to change the paper sheet again and again, which results in more work. If you have a big facility, you should make sure that you purchase a toilet roll as per your requirements. 

Material of the toilet paper

You would wonder that most of the toilet papers are made of paper then why there is a need to check on the fabric. However, you have a choice between an organic and non-organic toilet paper. These days a few brands have started making toilet papers from non-woven material, which is eco-friendly. Yes, these might be a bit expensive. However, if you want to give back something to the society, you can choose the organic tissue rolls. 

Consider the Cost

Another important factor to consider while picking up your toilet paper is the cost of the toilet papers. As we deal with the best Cottonelle toilet papers for so long, we know how expensive it becomes to outfit a commercial washroom. If you have a large facility and different washrooms for men and women, you will need a separate budget to upkeep your washrooms. For this reason, cost becomes an important factor. You can browse through the varieties available and see what fits your budget. 


The look and feel of the bathroom are also very important when it comes to offering it to your guests. No one would like to use a bathroom, which is not properly maintained or doesn’t look nice. Similarly, the toilet paper that you use should look and feel good to your guests. The paper shouldn’t be too soft or too hard on the skin. Be considerate while choosing these toilet rolls. 

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